That’s what all the guides say. If you go to New York, you can’t miss a Broadway show. And they are right. The main music shows taking place in New York’s Broadway theaters are The Lion King, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Cabaret. It’s worth watching at least one of them, so that you can really keep the incredible experience that Broadway offers to those in New York.

Broadway refers to any show that takes place in a professional Midtown theater, next to Broadway Street itself, which stretches from north to south of Manhattan. Each show, play or musical, which is performed in one of the 41 theaters, is a Broadway show. It is spread over the streets beginning at 65th Street and ending at 41st Street.

Thus, on Broadway, you will find many large theaters. Some examples are the Broadway Theatre, the Longcare Theatre, the New Amsterdam Theatre, Studio 54, the Winter Garden Theatre and the American Airlines Theatre. Most theaters have seats for more than a thousand people and you can watch the biggest and most famous musicals.

Tips for going to see a Broadway show

An important tip for anyone who attends a Broadway musical in New York City and is not fluent in English is to take a show from a theme or movie you already know, to make it easier to understand. The Lion King and Aladdin are good options, and are also suitable for people with children. Tickets for Broadway musicals are expensive and average $100, depending on the show, the theater and seating. Tip: Buy online as soon as possible to save money, don’t waste time waiting in line at the box office and guarantee good seats. Sometimes you get a discount if you book well in advance.

Where to buy the cheapest Broadway tickets

Tickets for Broadway shows are expensive, but with a few tips you can buy them, and all the attractions in New York City, much cheaper. The best way is to buy your tickets online, always before you leave.

But if you want to pay less and take a small risk, go to the box office. Most shows have lotteries or last minute tickets, sometimes online. What are the drawbacks? You have to wait in line. Other than that, you’re not guaranteed the best seats and with a bit of bad luck, no tickets at all. If you succeed, you will often get a good discount.