The Vessel

The Vessel in New York City is part of the Hudson Yards, New York’s newest monument. Inaugurated in May 2019, this great technological building has incredible buildings, spectacular views, shops, great restaurants and even a shopping mall. Among the new buildings is the great interactive work The Vessel, one of New York’s newest attractions.

About the Vessel in New York City

No doubt you will be delighted as soon as you set eyes on Le Vessel. This building is a true work of art, being free and very different from anything you have seen before in New York. Signed by Thomas Heatherwick and owner of a very exotic design, this building is considered by many to be a great reference to Asian city complexes. To give you an idea of the size of this building, about $150 million was spent on it, mainly for the construction of its steel and bronze structure.

Highlights of the Vessel

Inside the vessel you will find 154 spiral and interconnected staircases, as well as 80 platforms and about 2,500 steps. The top of the building is 45 metres high, which is not much compared to the tall skyscrapers of New York, but it impresses by its space. In this totally open view, visitors can feel the wind on their faces and the structure without bars or nets.


It is worth mentioning that there is a panoramic lift, which is used by disabled people or small children. The schedule of the visit to the Vessel must be made free of charge on the official website of this attraction. No agency or website is authorised to sell tickets for this attraction.

About The Hudson Yards in New York City

Located in western Manhattan, on the banks of the Hudson River, which gives its name to this attraction, is the Hudson Yards, Manhattan’s new building complex. This space has been home to numerous flats, commercial points, offices and a new lookout, the latter being the main attraction for tourists. The Hudson Yards lookout is located at the top of the Hudson New York building, which is one of the highest open-air observatories in this destination. As a relatively new attraction, which opened in May 2019, it is highly sought after by tourists planning to visit New York.

20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001