A tour to visit the locations of the series and films

Some movies shot in New York with their location

“The Godfather” The St Régis. 2 E 55th Street
“Spiderman” Joe’s Pizza 7 Carmine Street, New York Public Library
“Men in Black” Roosevelt Hotel 45 E 45th Street and Guggenheim
“The Wolf of Wall Street” The Four Seasons 99 E 52nd Street
“Night at the Museum” American Museum of Natural History
“Wall Street 1987” 21 club 21 West 52nd Street and Financial street
“Ghost” Missorgiono : 195 Spring Street
“Ghostbusters” Hook and Ladder and Varick Street and Moore Street side
“When Harry met Sally” Katz’s Delicatessen 205 E Houston Street, New York
“Crocodile Dundee” Vazac 108 Ave B
“Once Upon a Time in America” Manhattan Bridge
“Leon” Chelsea Hotel
“The Day After” 5th Avenue
“Year of the Dragon” Chinatown
“Avengers” Central Park
“Ghostbusters” Washington Square and Hook & Ladder 8 14 N Moore Street

The series


  • Monica’s Building 90 Bedford Street (corner of Bedford and Grove Street), New York
  • Washington Square Park West 4th Street, Greenwich Village

Sex and the city:

  • Carrie’s apartment 66 Perry Street
  • Charlotte’s apartment 700 Park Avenue
  • Samantha’s apartment 300 Gansevoort Street
  • Miranda’s apartment 331 West 78th Street
  • the cafeteria 119 7th Avenue, New York (Chelsea).
  • Pastis 9 9th Avenue

How I met Your Mother:

  • McGee’s Pub

Gossip Girl:

  • The Pond, Central Park
  • The New York Palace Hotel is home to the Van der Woodson.
  • The Empire Hotel,
  • Nate Archibald’s townhouse. This majestic mansion is located just off 5th Avenue (4 E 74th Street).
  • St. James Church
  • Grand Central Station
  • Museum of the City of New York


  • St. John’s of 12th street
  • Saint Rita Church
  • Katz’s Delicatessen
  • The Plaza Hotel
  • Soho Grand Hotel
  • Mulberry Street Bar
  • The River Café
  • Leonard’s Palazzo