The building is considered one of New York City’s historic landmarks and an American National Historic Monument. Its funny name is inspired by its architecture which looks a lot like an iron – Flatiron (flat iron), was built in the shape of an iron, and due to the narrow terrain, it had to be built in such a fine shape. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the building, as the floors are commercial premises. My advice is to include in the itinerary a visit to the Italian Eataly market, also located in the Flatiron District, one of the most interesting places in New York to walk around.

Do you know those buildings with exotic architecture that have seen a historic point of a city? The Flatiron building is about it. Inaugurated in 1902, the Flatiron Building is today the oldest building in New York, as all the buildings that were built before it have been demolished to make way for more modern buildings. It is 87 metres long, has 22 floors and was once one of the tallest in the world. By way of comparison, the One World Observatory is 543 metres high.

To reach the top floor, the 21st, which was added in 1905, three years after the building was completed, you have to take a second elevator from the 20th floor. On this floor, the bottom of the windows are chest high, the bathrooms are divided, with the men’s rooms on the even-numbered floors and the women’s rooms on the odd-numbered floors.

Its future

In January 2009, an Italian real estate investment firm purchased a majority interest in the Flatiron Building, with the intention of converting it into a world-class luxury hotel, although the conversion will have to wait ten years while existing tenants’ leases expire. The 22-story Flatiron Building, which has already been approved by the city to become a hotel, is valued at $190 million.


How to get there :

The nearest train station is 23 Street Station.
Lines N, Q and R – Yellow
Lines 4, 5 and 6 – Green
Lines F and M – Orange

Address: 175 5th Ave – New York