Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is, without context, the most famous building in the world!
Everyone knows its elegant silhouette that rushes into the skies of New York, dominated by its huge mooring mast for airships that ends with a radio and television antenna. The Empire State Building measures 443 meters high and has 6500 windows, which a swarm of cleaners cleans once a month.
Since 1985, it is crowned with a huge television antenna measuring 62 meters high (22 floors)

Two observatories (86th and 102nd floors) allow visitors to see (in clear weather) up to about 130 kilometers around the building, ie, NYC naturally, but also Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
You must absolutely see the Art Deco style of its interior decoration.

Concerts and exhibitions are organized and presented to the public.
The Empire State Building has gained a solid reputation in the world, it is a unique site not to be missed under any pretext, if only for the view that one has of its belvederes, and its entrance. New Yorkers do not get tired and go there regularly, both day and night.


Construction of the Empire State Building began on January 22, 1930. Well ahead of schedule, the building was completed on May 1, 1931. The Empire State Building was officially opened on that day by U.S. President Herbert Hoover. He pressed a button from his office in Washington D.C. that turned on the lights of the huge Empire State Building.

In 1945, the building was badly damaged after a bomber hit it during a thick fog. The name of the building refers to New York State’s nickname: The Empire State. When the large building was completed, less than half of the office space was leased. This earned it the nickname “Empty State Building” at the time.


Until the construction of the Twin Towers in 1971, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world. After the destruction of these towers during the terrorist attacks of 2001, the Empire State Building is again the tallest building in New York. However, the building is no longer the tallest building in the world.

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The Empire State Building is open every day from 8:00 am to 2:00 am. The last elevator goes up at 1:15 am. Ticket Price Adult: 42 USD (35 euros) Child: 36 USD (30 euros)

Take Metro Line 6 to 33rd Street Station, or B, D, F, N, R to 34th Street Station.


350 – Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10118 (5th Avenue to 34th Street)