Tipping and taxes

Tipping is almost mandatory and, in most cases, it is included in the invoice at the time of payment. Do not think that you are paying extra, it is part of the price. This is usually almost the entire salary of the waiters. In general, this is 15-20% of the total.

Although it is usually included in the bill, if in doubt, it is better to ask the waiter.

Tipping is also appropriate in taxis, restaurants, bars, etc.

Taxes, commonly known as “taxes”, are 8.625% in New York. This tax applies to shops and restaurants, except for purchases of clothes and shoes below a certain amount (about 110 dollars), as well as for prescription drugs.

For hotels and rental cars, the tax is a little higher, at 13.63%. It is important to always ask if it is included or not to avoid surprises when paying.