• The Cloisters New York
    Discover the Cloisters Museum of New York, dedicated to medieval art, linked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and different from other museums. It is located on the north side of Manhattan Island, inside the large Fort Tryon Park, and
  • National Museum of the American Indian
    Discover the National Museum of the American Indian, a classic and historic tourist attraction. The National Museum of the American Indian was designed in the former Alexander Hamilton USA Custom House in Manhattan, near Battery Park on the south side
  • Museum of Sex
    The Museum of Sex, in New York, a museum dedicated to everything related to sex, from men and women to accessories and toys. So it is a very popular museum where censorship has no place, where things are presented as
  • Soho
    What for many is just another of the countless old buildings that grace the streets of Manhattan, for others is a cultural legacy in the form of an architectural monument that cannot be calculated.One of the areas that went from
  • The Edge Hudson Yards Observation Deck
    The Edge is a new glass observation deck in New York City. At a height of no less than 340 meters, you can contemplate the city in the open air. It is the highest observation deck in the United States
  • Summit One Vanderbilt
    New York has a new observation deck: Summit One Vanderbilt. This 427 meter skyscraper takes you to the highest vantage point in Midtown, with views of the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and the north end of Central Park.