Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has opened America’s door to hundreds of thousands of immigrants. Indeed, she dominates the port of New York, the only gateway for all immigrants who passed at her feet … Since they were forced to go to “Ellis Island”, sister island of Liberty Island, for s to register and receive the necessary papers.
When these immigrants arrived in sight of the coast, they knew how to advance towards a “New World”, and the Statue of the Liberty announced them that they were only a few hours from this new country that they would go and which they would make history. It is probably good to remember the provenance of this monument (… Even if it is known!) … It was offered to America by France in 1886.

Conception, Realization

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi dedicated 12 years of his life to the realization of his Great Work. (from 1874 to 1886). It was 21 years earlier (1865) that he had the idea during a dinner at Monsieur de La Boulaye (Historian and Jurist) who knew America very well. All the while, Bartholdi kept thinking of the Monument.

The inauguration took place October 28, 1876 (Under the American Presidency of Mr. Grover Cleveland)

Bedloe’s Island becomes Liberty Island in 1956

The cost of the Statue is $ 250,000

“The Statue of Liberty” weighs 220 tons. Its metal frame has a weight of 140 tons
The Statue is made using 300 Bronze leaves, which, in all, weigh 80 tons.
It has a total height of 93 meters. Without her pedestal, she is 46 meters tall
Its head measures 3 meters by 5. The right arm (the one that holds the torch high) measures 12.80 meters, and its diameter is 3.60 meters. The index of the right hand has a length of 2.40 meters. To climb the crown, you have to climb 364 steps

His restoration

A century after its inauguration, The Lady must be repaired.

In 1981, when inspecting the interior of the Great Lady, we see the erosion due to salt, but also to visitors who, by the millions, have borrowed its stairs.

Visit “The Statue of Liberty”.

The departure is from Battery Park, a beautiful garden, named after the guns of Castle Clinton (a battery), which borders the southern tip of Manhattan.

A boat leaves every half hour and the crossing takes 15 minutes.

Open every day from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.
To book your tickets
Price from $19 (16 €), child $9 (8 €)
Liberty Island New York, NY 10004